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FC- Issues in Malaria

- Malaria prevention strategies: A 10=year...Boggild- Malaria in Travellers Returning or

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Focus Search - Malaria in travelers returning or

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Malaria in Brazil Travel Notice

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PL- Malaria: New Challenges and Opportunities

200ABAlan Magill- Malaria elimination and...Elizabeth Wilson- Malaria Chemoprophylaxis

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Focus Search - selection to ISTM post Wilson Malaria

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WS- Pre-Travel Basics and Malaria Prevention

Monday 25 May 2015- 17.00-18.30- 301ABAnjili AcharyaFiona Genasi

1700 Acharya 25 may 301AB.pdf

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Debate: Can Malaria Standby Treatment Replace Chemoprophylaxis in Low Risk Areas?

Monday 25 May 200ABAnne McCarthy, Canada, ModeratorPaul M. Arguin, United States of Anerica, ConPat Schlagenhauf, Switzerland, ProPerry van Genderen, The Netherlands, Neutral- Personal Protection

CISTM14 malaria debate.pdf

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27 April.pdf