By Christopher Van Tilburg posted 21 July 2014 22:20


In June I lead my fourth medical trip to the rural village of Verettes, Haiti, with Medical Student Missions (medicalstudentmissions.org).  Our group brought down $6000 worth of medicines, 700 pairs of eyeglasses,  and 17 medical students. I was able to bring down an inflatable 12’6” Naish One stand up paddleboard thanks to generous donations from Naish Inc. of White Salmon, WA and Providence Health International. In addition to providing medical care to 800 underserved in the midst of the Chikungunya outbreak, I had a chance to build smiles, friendship, camaraderie and many laughs on the Artibonite River with my Haitian friendsBy the end of the week, Sonson, my friend and interpreter, was standing up padding solo. "Dr. Christopher, you changed  my life." I'm not sure made major inroads, but perhaps I gave him hope and inspiration to strive upward.