Tips to Write the Perfect Tribute for Your Grandparents

By Dao Lang posted 18 April 2021 18:31


Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts for the bond that we share with them is like no other. We learn the first feelings of selflessness, love, and caregiving with grandparents. The childhood trips to grandparent’s town during the summer break are some of the most memorable moments. 

Unfortunately, as we grow up, our grandparents grow older and a lot starts to change. We get busy studying, working, and leading our lives that spending time with them reduces considerably. Our first teachers deserve a special tribute. They deserve a heartfelt thank you and unconditional love that they never stopped giving. If you are wondering how to write a tribute in the perfect way, these tips are for you.

Collect the best memories and lessons to share 

A tribute is the representation of the personal relationship that you share or shared with someone. When writing for grandparents, pour your heart out. Share all the important lessons you learned with them, the steps you wish you took for their care and good health. Or what is the right plan for their old age? 

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Talk about events that taught you a life lesson 

A key aspect of writing a tribute is to share your personal experiences. Share those moments where you learned life lessons with your grandparents. Talk about their nature, characteristics, and mannerisms. Then talk about how you picked their habits and how they have helped you. 

In your tribute, share how they inspired you and what you would want to when you become a grandparent. Share how your parents think about them, and most importantly, what you learn from their relationship. 

Do not exaggerate incidents 

A tribute must be in the raw and purest form. This is not a story; this is a personal life-sharing thought. It might seem to beautify simple situations to get the reader’s attention. It does not work like that.

Share what it was for real. This touches other’s hearts and evokes their personal emotions. Make this tribute a representation of your feelings for your grandparents. Share all your emotions with your experience with grandparents. Talk about the happy moments, the sad ones, and even those that made you angry.

Relationships are perfect in all their emotions, and in your tribute, that is what makes all the difference. Share everything that you felt. There is no purer form of opening up about your feelings other than this. 

Be conversational in your writing

Talk to your readers with your tribute. Write it in a way that leads to the people reading to stop and think about their experiences. True writing is when it evokes a similar emotion in the reader. 

The more you talk without a filter, the more people understand the emotion behind it. It touches the right spots when you choose to be the rawest version of yourself. Pick one tone you like and write in the first person if you wish to or just jot down your feelings in a second person manner. 

Maintain one tone in writing. If you change midway, it breaks the emotion and can lead to confusion or less understanding to the reader. The key is to keep it simple, easy to comprehend, and raw. This tribute will always be your best piece of writing. Do not let it go. 

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