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TrExMed Travel Clinic, Edinburgh

TrExMed Travel Clinic, Edinburgh


Jim Bond (Scotland, Europe)

Jim was born and brought up in Zambia and is still very much an African at heart. He initially studied Medicine at Newcastle upon Tyne, completing a broad, practical postgraduate medical training in the UK and South Africa.  He has worked in a number of African countries and Madagascar, both as a rural hospital practitioner and public health doctor. Since returning to Scotland in 1998, he has worked in HIV palliative care, infectious diseases, public health and occupational medicine. He has practised clinical travel medicine since 1999.

Jim’s passion for tropical plants and trees also led him to retrain in Botany in order to pursue a parallel career as an ethnobotanist, researching the traditional knowledge and uses of plants in Socotra and Madagascar under the auspices of Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Kew, respectively.  Working closely with traditional healers in Madagascar, South Africa and Mozambique, he helped set up collaborations on local priorities such as community led, directly observed TB & HIV treatment, mental health and appropriate communications and ambulance solutions for obstetric emergencies, as well as a fair trade honey project and community conservation area (now a new national park).

Throughout his life, Jim has been privileged to explore some of the more remote and less known corners and waterways of Africa and South America, more often than not by canoe, bicycle or on foot.  First formally trained in expedition medicine in 1995, he has since led and/or acted as expedition doctor to a number of research, adventure and artwork expeditions, all with a strong focus on community participation and empowerment.  He worked professionally as a safari and botanical tour leader from 2008-11.

Jim currently works part-time as a specialist in travel medicine at an independent travel clinic in Edinburgh, and part-time as a COVID-19 vaccinator.  He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine in Glasgow, where he taught for several years on the Membership, Diploma and Foundation courses.   He is a previous Chair of the ISTM Responsible Travel Group.

His long term, (semi-retirement) plans include doing more hands-on rabies and bilharzia elimination work in Africa and Madagascar, preferably back in the bush, where he has always been happiest.