Mr. Richard Boyd


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I am the CEO of Incaplex. Before founding the company I worked for Ireland's leading travel clinic network, the Tropical Medical Bureau. Between 1994 and 2010 I helped it to grow from 2 clinics to its current network of 22, pioneering a medical clinic franchise model. Much of the success was due to my involvement in the development of technologies and applications which underpinned the operations of the clinics and franchises.

Incaplex was founded to provide medics and travellers with the information and support that they need to reduce the dangers of travelling to ‘at risk’ destinations

Inca Clinic is a full patient management application that helps medics manage their travel vaccination clinics. It simplifies the complexity of creating and managing a patient’s travel itinerary, vaccine schedule, medication and other health information in ways that other healthcare software cannot match. The application is provided to clinics using a centralised Internet service.

To date Inca Clinic has managed tens of thousands of consultations in travel clinics and pharmacies throughout the world. Our customers can be found in Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the North America.